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Manicure - $27

Basic Pedicure - $50

Mani/Pedi - $70

Foot Miracle Pedicure - $60

Regular pedicure with an added hydrating “drink” for your skin! Treatment includes coconut and soybean oils to deeply penetrate extremely dry, cracked feet. A medical strength pedicure without the greasy residue. No mineral oils or petroleum.

Fungal/Dermatitis Pedicure - $60

Additional Rx strength treatment for issues related to athlete’s foot, psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis.

Honey Bee Pedicure - $75

Honey provides many natural skin benefits, including antioxidants, enhanced moisture, tissue regeneration, deodorization, and reduced swelling/ inflammation. It is also antibacterial. This pedicure includes callus treatment along with a Mandarin honey soak, scrub, and masque, and concludes with an extended massage.

Hot Honey Treatment - $15

Local honey is massaged onto legs and feet, then wrapped with hot towels. Aromatic, healing, and relaxing!

Hush Puppy Pedicure - $75

Get an extra dose of pampering with callus treatment, hot towels, foot masque, and massage. An atmosphere of pure relaxation.

We offer two gel nail services with better quality and safer contents that promote healthy nail growth.

ORLY® GELFX® Builder In A Bottle™ - $40

Applies like a soft gel, wears like a hard gel, and soaks-off when ready to remove. Effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application offers flawless, longer, more natural-looking nails. Your nails shimmer like glass with the crystal-clear formula. It's the perfect blank canvas for color application and detailed nail art. 12 free, cruelty-free, vegan, no-shrink formula, LED, and UV curable.


This nail enhancement service creates beautiful sleek nails that pair with any of your favorite shades, whether lacquer or gel. The full coverage soft gel tips are pre-shaped, long-lasting, and conducive to healthy natural nail growth.

We offer TWO LUXURY PEDICURES using our exclusive Austin Street Skincare line. All-natural and made exclusively for you:


Everything’s Rosy - $75

Have your feet softened, soothed, polished, and moisturized with our Lavender Rose Milk Bath, Honey Body Masque, and Whipped Coconut Rose Sugar Scrub topped off with a Lavender Vanilla Body Butter. Help restore your skin’s natural pH balance while providing lasting hydration with essential vitamins.

Positivi-Tea - $75

Detoxify, energize, and tone your skin. This treatment includes exfoliation and restoration of minerals to your body using our Honey Matcha Tea Milk Bath, Clay Body Masque, and Peppermint Salt Scrub, complete with a layer of our Lavender Mint Body Balm. Rejuvenate your skin to radiance and health with our all-natural products.


Callus or Paraffin Treatment……………$10
French Manicure/Pedicure………………………$8 & up
KeryFlex Prosthetic Nails……………………$150 & up
Kid Spa Services……………………………………………$7 & up
Nail Polish (for retail)......................................$8 and up

Ask your nail tech about prices for nail art and special shapes. Prices subject to change.

Some experiences are EVEN BETTER WHEN SHARED!

Book an appointment for two with a relative, friend, or special someone for well-deserved  "we time" and pampering, complete with a featured complimentary service. We accommodate appointment requests outside of normal business hours based on availability.

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